Early-growth, long-term technology investment firm

Most of our investments will be in early-growth stages, in and around Series B.
We are looking for gritty founders with 20+ year missions in tough but real spaces. We inquire deeply, listen generously and look for IPO-scale potential. We help Indian entrepreneurs take their businesses to their boldest, global version as co-founders not investors.

Post PMF

90% of our investments are early growth cheques - Series A, Series B, Series C.


We are focused on tech-first, high-margin businesses, built on the classical principles of compounding - customer trust, employee growth, operating efficiency, and moats.


We keep the fads aways, we partner selectively and set a high bar

We are narrow and deep in our focus and come with a cofounder mindset

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We are deeply focused in areas where we see opportunities for software to shake up an industry

Our Focus Areas:

It takes a village to raise a startup

We work with you on the actual drivers of the business

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If you are a founder raising capital, we would love to hear from you.

Please write to us at founders@tenacity.vc with a description of your team and company, as well as the problem you are solving – either with a few bullet-points, a short slide deck, or whatever other format you like!

We will respond as soon as we can